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Help the world communicate by eliminating barriers of languages, regions, or circumstances through an innovative AI technologies.

Who We Are

Focused on innovation and quality, XL8 AI machine translation inspires today and tomorrow’s content creators to use groundbreaking and pioneering technology to communicate and translate content that builds a brighter, more connected world.

XL8 is an AI machine translation technology company that enhances the speed, quality, and efficiency for translations and localizations of various contents, such as Media & Entertainments, as well as communications around people. Powered by Skroll solutions, XL8 removes language barriers by enabling customers to apply neural machine translation to content, audio, video, analytics and more. XL8 uses linguistic AI to complete projects faster and adds intelligence to improve the performance and speed of translations. XL8 instantly identifies languages, checks the output quality of translations, learns from previous translations and analyzes content to make the translation process fast, streamlined and transparent. XL8 machine translation is a scalable, flexible solution that can be deployed in almost any scenario, breaks down language barriers and improving business processes and speed to market. Translations are available across 20+ languages. XL8 marries artificial intelligence and neural machine translation to deliver a technology solution that can transform content intense business processes, improve ROI and speed to market.

XL8, AI Transforming The World At this moment, everything is shifting

At this moment, everything is shifting. AI technology is transforming every walk of life. It is wide-ranging and it is already enabling people to rethink how we integrate information, enhance speed and accuracy, analyze data, and use the resulting insights. We believe that technology is key to building a better, more prosperous world and new efficient business models for all. We believe AI will transform the way we communicate in ways that few could have imagined decades ago. XL8 is here to help your business move into the future now.

Our mission

XL8 is here now accelerating the deployment of AI and breakthrough technologies in machine translation and we're here to help our clients grow, scale and succeed now and into the future. XL8 offers clients unlimited potential with our unprecedented machine translation technology. Our work is cutting-edge innovative and we're here to help customers leverage the disruptive power of AI to keep your business competitive in a global economy.

XL8 offers you the chance to propel your business forward by utilizing our new AI machine translation ecosystem. XL8’s new AI technology and machine translation services offer you a better, more profitable and efficient translation business model.

XL8 is an AI machine translation service for customers who need an accurate, high speed and efficient translation for any content in its original language. XL accelerates translations of vast amounts of data and content. XL8 is machine translation that is faster than humans, but provides human-powered quality control. XL8 is machine translation that operates 24/7 and provides reduced work timeframes. It is cost efficient and increases our clients content speed to market.

An AI powered technology company based in Silicon Valley and South Korea, XL8 was founded by engineers, a product manager and designer in 2019 with the goal of helping customers get accurate translation results more effectively.

We believe that customers around the world should have efficient and accurate translation results. So, we developed an innovative and state-of-the-art AI machine translation using deep learning technologies that makes the target translation more sophisticated and more accurate using advanced artificial intelligence.

Our powerful Skroll products support clear and effective translation for your needs

We help our customers whenever they need speed-of-light fast and accurate translations. Our powerful product, Skroll, supports our B2B clients while our web supports both B2B and B2C clients. Our service is widely used by our clients throughout their content ecosystems and contributes to thousands of content hours every month.

Meet the Team

  • Tim YoungHoon Jung Founder and CEO
  • Jay Jinhyung Park Co-Founder
    Lead Engineer
  • Kai Kang Kim Staff Research Engineer
  • Danny Shin Product Manager
  • Renee Sullivan Kicksubs Product Owner
    and Marketing Specialist
  • Mike Betts West Coast
    Sales Representative
  • Vladislav Daou Europe and Middle East
    Sales Representative
  • Robert Smith East Coast
    Sales Representative

Core Values

  • Culture of Innovation

    We believe in driving revolutionary change. We believe imagination drives innovation, ground breaking pioneering concepts.

  • Quality

    We believe in organizational quality, performance excellence, and continuous improvement.

  • Trust

    XL8 is open, honest, collaborative, and family oriented. All ideas are well received.

Our Location

  • HQ San Jose, California Ste #100, 690 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129
    (408) 457-0447, contact@xl8.ai
  • South Korea Office XL8 Inc., Suite 6017, JustCo (Korea Onshore) Ltd
    431, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06159, South Korea